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Valuing, Buying or Selling waterfront real estate, while interesting, exciting and rewarding, can also have lots of unique twists and turns so, if you are looking for advice from a Realtor, you probably want someone on your team with deep waterfront real estate experience and knowledge.

All Realtors are not the same when it comes to calculating the value of waterfront real estate and there can be a big difference in how Realtors market waterfront properties for sale or how they help clients purchase lake front real estate! If you own waterfront property or are thinking of buying waterfront property it is important that the Realtor you deal with has developed a broad knowledge of the waterfront real estate market as many unique facts affect the value of the lake property.


Broad knowledge means the Realtor has lot of experience helping clients buy and sell lake properties but, it also means:

  1. The Realtor knows and stays current on waterfront zoning issues as these state and local rules can drastically affect the value of waterfront property.
  2. The real estate agent stays up to date on what lake properties are selling for on a daily basis.  Not just ya, one just sold on XYZ lake or ya, I will look up what is selling.  Rather the Realtor analyzes each sale or new listing by looking at the assessed value, time on the market, price drops and then compares them to other similar properties that have sold recently.
  3. The real estate professional is truly familiar with the lake or lakes the property is located on.  Again, not just ya, I know where xyz lake is and how deep it is but rather, the Realtor has experience being on the water and knows the neighborhood there.
  4. That the Realtor lives on a lake and or has built a house in a shore land zoning area so they know, first-hand what it is like dealing with township, county and state zoning and regulatory issues.

Although it is true that all Realtors must be certified by the State of Wisconsin, due to the unique nature of waterfront transactions, it is imperative that the Realtor you choose be extremely knowledgeable regarding all waterfront and riparian issues.

Having completed over 50 waterfront transactions Steve Huhta has plenty of experience to draw from regarding helping clients value, buy or sell lake properties. And, Steve built a dream waterfront home on the Waupaca Chain and has now owned 2 other waterfront properties. Again, you cannot replace “real” waterfront property experience and this agent has it.

Steve Huhta – Brief Waterfront Bio – Experience.  

Knowledge and Advice. Steve Huhta is, extremely familiar with special waterfront DNR regulations and county zoning requirements from both real life, owning waterfront property and from helping over 50 folks buy or sell lake property. There are also riparian rights issues, survey issues and special financing considerations that affect each waterfront transaction. By utilizing Steve Huhta as your waterfront property agent, you are assured that your team has a true waterfront real estate adviser, not just a paperwork facilitator.

For Waterfront Sellers … Marketing is the Key. Marketing a waterfront property is also quite unique and different as buyers typically arrive from “out of town”. Reaching these folks requires more than just putting up a sign or using the multiple listing service.

By hiring Realtor Steve Huhta, the area’s leading internet marketing expert, waterfront properties for sale attract the most “out of town” buyers and, as a result, sell for the highest possible price, as quickly as possible.  No one in this area spends more time, money and effort marketing on the internet, in unique and different ways, than marketing guru Steve Huhta.  Check www.WaupacaRoundLake.com to see an example of a custom designed web page for a house Steve sold recently. 

With 97% of home buyers starting their home buying search online doesn’t it make sense to have an internet-online marketing expert promoting your property for sale?  Again, if you are a waterfront seller, it makes sense to talk to someone marketing in unique ways to again, help assure your property for sale is seen by the most possible buyers so it can sell for the highest possible price.

Hire Steve Huhta as a Buyer’s Advisor – Agent. Buyers need someone with local-local waterfront knowledge – Knowledge that can only be gained from local experience from both owning waterfront property and from handling lots of waterfront buyers and sellers so, hiring the area’s top Waterfront Specialist is critically important. 

Steve Huhta Believes in Community Involvement – Hire a busy, local and involved member of the community. As a member of many local area clubs and organizations, you will employ a Realtor who is uniquely qualified to provide you with local knowledge, beneficial to helping you establish and share a wonderful sense of “belonging”. When not working full time as a Realtor Steve Huhta gives back to the community by being involved in: the Waupaca Rotary Club, past President of Riverside Health Foundation Board of Directors, Past Vice President Bethany Nursing Home Board of Directors, past Director and past President of The Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Property Owners Association. 26-year member and shareholder of The Waupaca Country Club, founding past President of The Waupaca Chain O’ Lakes Foundation and avid supporter of many local charity fundraising events.


Below are a few of the waterfront transaction Steve Huhta has been involved in …. An experienced Realtor like Steve helps assure water front property transactions are completed on time with no surprises:

Waupaca Chain O Lakes Dake 2
Waupaca Chain O Lakes Round 175 Waupaca Chain O Lakes Columbia 175 Waupaca Chain O Lakes Taylor 175
Waupaca Chain O Lakes Miner 175