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So What Going on in the Casino Parking Lot ?? Faulks Brother Trucks and Dirt Moving…

Casino Bridge location to undergo sewer upgrade.

Motorists may notice the arrival of a large crane and additional heavy equipment, this week across from the Indian Crossing Casino and Dings Dock Parking Lot. The Waupaca Sanitary district began planning the upgrade last fall with the assistance of Woolsey Plumbing of Waupaca.

“Now is the best time to move on the project” said Bill Woolsey. “We want to address the situation before sewer usage increases”. “July and August being the busiest of months on The Chain.” The project will involve raising the “wet well” in order to provide better access to the 10 ft. diameter well, below. “Once one of our workers drops down below the Manhole access cover, it’s difficult to see and communicate with the worker.” Bill stated. “This poses a potential danger, should the worker be overcome by fumes or injures oneself in some way.”

The project itself will involve surrounding the existing well with steel sheeting. The sheeting will be pounded into the ground and the roadway will also require extra support while the project is underway. “We have planned the project so traffic on Highway Q should only be affected for 2-3 days once everything is ready”. The work is scheduled to begin again the week of April 28th. Traffic Control will be on hand to handle the single lane closure for those 2-3 days. Boat traffic beneath the Casino Bridge will not be affected.

“This wet well has been handling sewage on the chain for over 30 years” Stated Bill Woolsey. These improvements will make ongoing maintenance, such as vacuum cleaning access, easier to perform in the coming years. The finished project may take a few weeks but the ultimate goal is to allow safer and more effective maintenance of the sewer system for this area of The Chain O’ Lakes.

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